The date with NOVELLO 2013

Novello Fr.Verde“Novello” extra virgin olive oil appears on the Italian market at the end of the eighties, in the wake of success of Novello wine’s movement.
It has been showed during the promotional spots with Novello wine and presented together for several years.
Afterwards, Novello extra virgin olive oil anticipates its presence on the market (last week of October), whereas the wine, compliance with its product specification, keeps to be sell from the 6th October.
The main feature of Novello extra virgin olive oil is its freshness, combined with a special peculiarity: the taste and the dark-shiny green colour of the un-filtred extra virgin olive oil.

The selling time of Novello is restricted within the autumnal/winter months , so it has to remain on the shelves not over the end of March.
Unfortunately, Novello is present on the shelves beyond the summer with bad organoleptic consequences in the Italian market .

The organoleptic features and the dark-shiny green colour of the just pressed oil have made the success of Novello in the Italian market, indeed in Italy there is the tradition to buy the Novello, at the beginning of November, directly from the oil mill for the classic Tuscan dishes, such as legumes soups, bruschetta, etc.
Novello extra virgin olive oil has a good fruity fragrance, is lightly spicy and nicely bitter….”you can feel the real taste of a just pressed olive”.

The strength of these features decrease over the months, but the quality of the olives and the right conservation of the product can help to preserve the main features for a longer time.

Furthermore the unfilterness peculiarity decrease over the months especially whether in contact with hot temperatures, for this reason the product is being distributed and sold within February/March.
The natural unfilterness tends to decrease and create a natural sediment at the bottom of the bottle.